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Altin-Yavuzarsian, G., Brooks, S.M., Yuan, S.-F., Park, J.O., Alper, H.S., and Nelson, A. (2023) Additive manufacturing of engineered living materials with bio-augmented mechanical properties and resistance to degradation. Advanced Functional Materials, 33, 2300332.
Assif, L., and Chirchir, H. (In press) Trabecular bone morphology in big cats reflects the complex diversity of limb use but not home range size or daily travel distance. Journal of Anatomy.
Beard, K.C., Coster, P.M.C., Ocakoğlu, F., and Métais, G. (In press) Dental anatomy, phylogenetic relationships and paleoecology of Orhaniyeia nauta (Metatheria, Anatoliadelphyidae), a Gondwanan component of the insular Eocene mammal fauna of Balkanatolia (north-central Turkey). Journal of Mammalian Evolution.
Bertrand, O.C., Jiménez Lao, M., Shelley, S.L., Wible, J.R., Williamson, T.E., Meng, J., and Brusatte, S.L. (In press) The virtual brain endocast of Trogosus (Mammalia, Tillodontia) and its relevance in understanding the extinction of archaic placental mammals. Journal of Anatomy.
Boerman, S.A., Perrichon, G., Yang, J., Li, C.-S., Martin, J.E., Speijer, R.P., and Smith, T. (2023) A juvenile skull from the early Palaeocene of China extends the appearance of crocodyloids in Asia back by 15–20 million years. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 197, 787-811. Supplemental material:
Bresee, C.S., Belli, H.M., Luo, Y., and Hartmann, M.J.Z.
(2023) Comparative morphology of the whiskers and faces of mice (Mus musculus) and rats (Rattus norvegicus). Journal of Experimental Biology, 226, jeb245597.
Bronzati, M., Langer, M.C., Ezcurra, M.D., Stocker, M.R., and Nesbitt, S.J.
(In press)  Braincase and neuroanatomy of the lagerpetid Dromomeron gregorii (Archosauria, Pterosauromorpha) with comments on the early evolution of the braincase and associated soft tissues in Avemetatarsalia. The Anatomical Record.
Brooks, S., Reed, K.B., Yuan, S.-F., Altin-Yavuzarsian, G., Shafranek, R., Nelson, A., Alper, H.S.
(2023) Enhancing long-term storage and stability of engineered living materials through desiccant storage and trehalose treatment. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 120, 572-582.
Burke, P.M., and Mannion, P.D. (2023) Neuroanatomy of the crocodylian Tomistoma dawsoni from the Miocene of North Africa provides insights into the evolutionary history of the gavialoids. Journal of Anatomy, 243, 1-22. 
Bussey, J.M., Weber, M.H., Smith-Gray, N.J., Sly, J.J., McCloy, J.S.
(2023) Examining phase separation and crystallization in glasses with X-ray nano-computed tomography. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 600, 121987. 
Chuliver, M., Scanferla, A., and Koch, C. (2023) Ontogeny of the skull of the blind snake Amerotyphlops brongersmianus (Serpentes: Typhlopidae) brings new insights on snake cranial evolution. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 197, 698-718. Supplemental material: squamates on
Costello, M.A., Liu, J., Chen, B., Wang, Y., Qin, B., Xu, X., Li, Q., Lynd, N.A., and Zhang, F. (2023) Drug release mechanisms of high-drug-load, melt-extruded dexamethasone intravitreal implants. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 187, 46-56. 
Costello, M.A., Liu, J., Wang, Y., Qin, B., Xu, X., Li, Q., Lynd, N.A., and Zhang, F. (2023) Reverse engineering the Ozurdex dexamethasone intravitreal implant. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 634, 122625. 
Cowgill, T., Young, M.T., Schwab, J.A., Walsh, S., Witmer, L.M., Herrera, Y., Dollman, K.N., Turner, A.H., and Brusatte, S.L. (2023) Cephalic salt gland evolution in Mesozoic pelagic crocodylomorphs. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 197, 812-835. Supplemental material: and
Das, S., Greenbaum, E., Meiri, S., Bauer, A.M., Burbrink, F.T., Raxworthy, C.J., Weinell, J.L., Brown, R.M., Brecko, J., Pauwels, O.S.G., Rabibisoa, N., Raselimanana, A.P., and Merilä, J. (2023) Ultraconserved elements-based phylogenomic systematics of the snake superfamily Elapoidea, with the description of a new Afro-Asian family. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 180, 107700. 
Engelman, R.K., and Croft, D.A. (2023) A seventh carnivorous metatherian taxon (Sparassodonta) from the late Miocene-early Pliocene Santa María group of Catamarca Province, Argentina. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 129, 104493. 
Entiauspe-Neto, O.M., Franco, F.L., Koch, C., Tiutenko, A., Wingert, J.M., and Borges-Martina, M. (2023) More than meets no eyes: Taxonomic status of Liotyphlops Peters, 1881 (Serpentes: Anomalepididae) blindsnake from the Atlantic Rainforest. Zoologischer Anzeiger, 303, 10-25.
Evers, S.W., Ponstein, J., Jansen, M.A., Gray, J.A., and Fröbisch, J. (2023) A systematic compendium of turtle mandibular anatomy using digital dissections of soft tissue and osteology. The Anatomical Record, 306, 1228-1303. Supplemental material:
Fawcett, M.J., Lautenschlager, S., Bestwick, J., and Butler, R.J. (In press) Functional morphology of the Triassic apex predator Saurosuchus galilei (Pseudosuchia: Loricata) and convergence with a post-Triassic theropod dinosaur. The Anatomical Record.
Folly, M., de Luna-Dias, C., Miguel, I.R., Ferreira, J.C. Jr., Machado, A., Lopes, R.T., and Pombal, J.P. Jr. (2023) Tiny steps towards greater knowledge: an osteological review with novel data on the Atlantic Forest toadlets of the Brachycephalus ephippium species group. Acta Zoologica, 104, 71-105. Supplemental material:
Frosali, S., Bartolini-Lucenti, S., Madurell-Malapeira, J., Urciuoli, A., Costeur, L., and Rook, L. (2023) First digital study of the frontal sinus of stem-Canini (Canidae, Carnivora): evolutionary and ecological insights throughout advanced diagnostic in paleobiology. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 11, 1173341.
Gaillard, C., MacPhee, R.D.E., and Forasiepi, A.M. (2023) Seeing through the eyes of the sabertooth Thylacosmilus atrox (Metatheria, Sparassodonta). Communications Biology, 6, 257.
Gaudin, T.J., and Scaife, T. (2023) Cranial osteology of a juvenile specimen of Acratocnus ye (Mammalia, Xenarthra, Folivora) and its ontogenetic and phylogenetic implications. The Anatomical Record, 306, 607-637. Supplemental material:
Graham, N.A., Larsen, J.F. ,Tasa, K.Y., deGraffenried, R.L. Cashman, K.V., and McCartney, K.N. (2023) Controls of crystal shape on degassing mechanisms in crystal-rich magmas with rhyolitic groundmass melts. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 601, 117891.
Greer, S., Cramberg, M., and Young, B.A. (2023) Morphology of the distal tip of the spinal cord in Alligator mississippiensis. The Anatomical Record, 306, 889-904.
Heap, M.J., Harnett, C.E., Nazarbayov, T., Heng, Z., Baud, P., Xu, T., Rosas-Carabajal, M., and Komorowski, J.-C. (2023) The influence of heterogeneity on the strength of volcanic rocks and the stability of lava domes. Bulletin of Volcanology, 85, 49. 
Heiss, E., Gignac, P.M., Porro, L.B., and Lemell, P. (2023) Convergence of aquatic feeding modes in the Sauropsida (crocodiles, birds, lizards, snakes and, turtles, pp. 141-181 in: Bels, V.L., Russell, A.P., eds., Convergent Evolution. Fascinating Life Sciences. Springer.
Hoffmann, C.A., de Andrade, M.B., and Martinelli, A.G. (2023) Anatomy of the holotype of ‘Probelesodon’ kitchingi revisited, a chinquodontid cynodont (Synapsida, Probainognathia) from the early Late Triassic of southern Brazil. Journal of Paleontology, 97, 693-710.
Hoffmann, S., Kirk, E.C., Rowe, T.B., and Cifelli, R.L. (In press) Petrosal anatomy of the Early Cretaceous triconodontid Astroconodon from the Cloverly Formation (Montana, USA). Journal of Mammalian Evolution.
Jiangzuo, Q., Werdelin, L., Sanisidro, O., Yang, R., Fu, J., Li, S., Wang, S., and Deng, T. (2023) Origin of adaptations to open environments and social behavior in sabretoothed cats from the northeastern border of the Tibetan Plateau. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 290, 20230019.
Kirk, E.C., Dunn, R.H., Rodwell, B., and Townsend, K.E.B. (2023) New specimens of middle Eocene omoyines (Primates, Omomyoidea) from the Uinta Basin and the Tornillo Basin of Texas, with clarification of the generic status of Ourayia, Mytonius, and Diablomomys. Journal of Human Evolution, 183, 103425.
Kyle, J.R., Quintero, T.R., Ukar, E., Miller, N.R., Elliott, S.J., and Colbert, M. (2023) Dolomite cement microstratigraphy: A record of brine evolution and ore precipitation mechanisms, upper Knox Group, Tennessee and Kentucky, USA. Geology, 51, 392-396.
Lanzetti, A., Portela-Miguez, R., Fernandez, V., and Goswami, A. (2023) Testing heterochrony: connecting skull shape ontogeny and evolution of feeding adaptation in baleen whales. Evolution and Development, 25, 257-273.
Latimer, A.E., Sherratt, E., Bonnet, T., and Scheyer, T.M. (2023) Semicircular canal shape diversity among modern lepidosaurs: life habit, size allometry. BMC Ecology and Evolution, 23, 10.
Lautenschlager, S., Fagan, M.J., Luo, Z.-X., Bird, C.M., Gill, P., and Rayfield, E.J. (2023) Functional reorganisation of the cranial skeleton during the cynodont-mammaliaform transition. Communications Biology, 6, 367.
Lessner, E.J., Cranor, C., Hunt-Foster, R., and Holliday, C.M. 2023) Endocranial anatomy of Allosaurus supports neural trends among non-avian theropod dinosaurs. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 43, e2236161.
Lessner, E.J., Dollman, K.N., Clarke, J.M., Xu, X., and Holliday, C.M. (2023) Ecomorphological patterns in trigeminal canal branching among sauropsids reveal sensory shift in suchians. Journal of Anatomy, 242, 927-952. Supplemental material:
Lessner, E.J., Echols, M.S., Paul-Murphy, J.R., Speer, B.L., and Holliday, C.M. (2023) Gray parrot (Psittacus erithacus) beak papillae and nerves identified using novel 2-D and 3-D imaging modalities. American Journal of Veterinary Research, 84, 23.03.0059.
Long, J.M., Snow, R.A., Shoup, D.E., and Bartnicki, J.B. (2023) Validation and comparison of age estimates for Smallmouth Buffalo in Oklahoma based on otoliths, pectoral fin rays, and opercula. North American Journal of Fisheries Management, 43, 618-627.
Loréal, E., Syromyatnikova, E.V., Danilov, I.G., and Čerňanský, A. (2023) The easternmost record of the largest anguine lizard that has ever lived – Pseudopus pannonicus (Squamata, Anguidae): new fossils from the late Neogene of Eastern Europe. Fossil Record, 26, 51-84. Supplemental material:
Loza, C.M., Sánchez-Villagra, M.R., Scarano, A.C., Romero, M., Barbeito, C.G., and Carlini, A.A. (In press) The brain of fur seals, seals, and walrus (Pinnipedia): A comparative anatomical and phylogenetic study of cranial endocasts of semiaquatic mammals. Journal of Mammalian Evolution.
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MacPhee, R.D.E., Gaillard, C., Forasiepi, A,M., and Sulser, B. (2023) Transverse canal foramen and pericarotid venous network in Metatheria and other mammals. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, 462, 1-122.
Macrini, T.E., Hopwood, J.H., Herbert, C.A., and Weisbecker, V. (2023) Development of the ethmoid in a wallaby and implications for the homology of turbinal elements in marsupials. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 378, 20220082.
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Martinez, Q,, Okrouhlík, J., Šumbera, R., Wright, M., Araújo, R., Braude, S., Hildebrandt, T.B., Holtze, S., Ruf, I., and Fabre, P.-H. (2023) Mammalian maxilloturbinal evolution does not reflect thermal biology. Nature Communications, 14, 4425.
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May, S.R., and Brown, M.A. (2023) Anchitheriomys buceei (Rodentia, Castoridae) from the Miocene of Texas and a review of the Miocene beavers from the Texas Coastal Plain. Palaeontologia Electronica, 26, a7.
Mayer, A.R., Dodd, A., Dodd, R., Stephenson, D.D., Ling, J.M., Mehros, C.J., Patton, D.A., Robertson-Benta, C.R., Gigliotti, A.P., Vermillion, M.S., and Noghero, A. (2023) Head kinematics, blood biomarkers, and histology in large animal models of traumatic brain injury and hemorrhagic shock. Journal of Neurotrauma, 40, 2205-2216.
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Perrichon, G., Hautier, L., Pochat-Cottilloux, Y., Raselli, I., Salaviale, C., Dailh, B., Rinder, N., Fernandez, V., Adrien, J., Lachambre, J., and Martin, J.E. (2023) Ontogenetic variability of the intertympanic sinus distinguishes lineages within Crocodylia. Journal of Anatomy, 1096-1123. Supplemental material: crocodylians on
Polcyn, M.J., Bardet, N., Albright, L.B., and Titus, A. (2023) A new lower Turonian mosasaurid from the Western Interior Seaway and the antiquity of the unique basicranial circulation pattern in Plioplatecarpinae. Cretaceous Research, 151, 105621.
Powell, G.L., and Russell, A.P. (In press) The veritable horns of a dilemma: Assessing homology of the parietal and squamosal asperities of Phrynosoma (Squamata: Iguania: Phrynosomatidae). Acta Zoologica. Supplemental material: Phrynosoma on
Ramiro-Ramirez, S., Bhandari, A.R., Flemings, P.B., and Reed, R.M. (In press) Permeability of Upper Wolfcamp lithofacies in the Delaware Basin: The role of stratigraphic heterogeneity in production of unconventional reservoirs. AAPG Bulletin.
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Roese-Miron, L., Jones, M.E.H., Ferreira, J.D. and Hsiaou, A.S. (In press) Virtual endocasts of Clevosaurus brasiliensis and the tuatara: Rhynchocephalian neuroanatomy and the oldest endocranial record for the Lepidosauria. The Anatomical Record.
Rosenberger, A.L., and Tejedor, M.F. (2023) Why Owl Monkeys are pitheciids: Morphology, adaptations, and the evolutionary history of the Aotus lineage. pp. 103-154 in: Fernandez-Duque, E., eds, Owl Monkeys. Developments in Primatology: Progress and Prospects.  Springer.
Ruiz, J.V., Ferreira, G.S., Lautenschlager, S. de Castro, M.C., and Montefeltro, F.C, (2023) Different, but the same: Inferring the hunting behaviour of the hypercarnivorous bush dog (Speothos venaticus) through finite element analysis. Journal of Anatomy, 242, 553-567. Supplemental material: 
Santos, F.J.M. (2023) A new species of the genus Liotyphlops Peters, 1881 (Serpentes, Anomalepidae) from Colombia and the synonymization of Liotyphlops beui (Amaral, 1924) with Liotyphlops ternetzii (Boulenger, 1896). ZooKeys, 1146, 87-114.
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Shi, J., Li, Q., Stidham, T.A., Zhang, C., Jiangzuo, Q., Chen, M., and Ni, X. (2023) Evolutionary and biogeographic implications of an Erycine snake (Serpentes, Erycidae, Eryx) from the Upper Miocene of the Linxia Basin, Gansu Province, China. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 167, 11491.
Šmajdek, U., Lesar, Ž., Marolt, M., and Bohak, C. (In press) Combined volume and surface rendering with global illumination caching. The Visual Computer.
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Stevens, L.M., Recker, E.A., Zhou, K.A., Garcia, V.G., Mazon, K.S., Tagnon, C., Abdelaziz, N.,  and Page, Z.A. (In press) Counting all photons: Efficient optimization of visible light 3D Printing. Advanced Materials Technologies.
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Zaher, H., Mohabey, D.M., Grazziotin, F.G., and Mantilla, J.A.W. (2023) The skull of Sanajeh indicus, a Cretaceous snake with an upper temporal bar, and the origin of ophidian wide-gaped feeding. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 197, 656-697. Supplemental material: Squamata on

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Abel, P., Pommery, Y., Ford, D.P., Koyabu, D., and Werneburg, I. (2022) Skull sutures and cranial mechanics in the Permian reptile Captorhinus aguti and the evolution of the temporal region in early amniotes. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 10, 841784. 
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