ToScANA 2023

The fourth ToScA North America (ToScANA) Symposium will take place at the Jackson School of Geosciences at The University of Texas at Austin May 23-24, 2023. Click here for more information.

The University of Texas High-Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography Facility

The High-Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography Facility at The University of Texas at Austin (UTCT) is a national shared multi-user facility supported by the Instrumentation and Facilities Program of NSF’s Earth Sciences (EAR) directorate and NASA’a Planetary Science Enabling Facilities program. UTCT offers scientific researchers across the earth, biological and engineering sciences access to a completely nondestructive technique for visualizing features in the interior of opaque solid objects, and for obtaining digital information on their 3D geometries and properties.

Interested in scanning materials at our facility? See the Scanning FAQ or download the Scan Agreement Form.

Selected Recent Publications

Araújo, R., David, R., Benoit, J., Lungmus, J.K., Stoessel, A., Barrett, P.M., Maisano, J.A., Ekdale, E., Orliac, M., Luo, Z.-X., Martinelli, A.G., Hoffman, E.A., Sidor, C.A., Martins, R.M.S., Spoor, F., and Angielczyk, K.D. (2022) Inner ear biomechanics reveals a Late Triassic origin for mammalian endothermy. Nature.

Hanna, R.D., Ketcham, R.A., Edey, D.R., and O’Connell, J. (2022) 3D porosity structure of the earliest solar system material. Scientific Reports, 12, 8369.

Rowe, T.B., Stafford, T.W. Jr., Fisher, D.C., Enghild, J.J., Quigg, J.M., Ketcham, R.A., Sagebiel, J.C., Hanna, R., and Colbert, M.W. (2022) Human occupation of the North American Colorado Plateau ∼37,000 years ago. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 10, 903795.

Golubiewski-Davis, K., Maisano, J., McIntosh, M., Moore, J., Niven, K., Rourk, W., and Snyder, R. (2022) Best practices for 3D data preservation. In Moore, J., Rountrey, A., and Kettler, H.S., 3D Data Creation to Curation: Community Standards for 3D Data Preservation. Association of College & Research Libraries.

Mohammadi, M.M., Choi, S., Koirala, P., Jayatilaka, G.C., Ghousifam, N., Celio, H., and Tehrani, M. (2022) Additive manufacturing of recyclable, highly conductive, and structurally robust graphite structures. Additive Manufacturing Letters, 3, 100061.

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