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Blob3D – UTCT – University of Texas


The following overview is excerpted from: Ketcham, R.A. (2005a) Computational methods for quantitative analysis of three-dimensional features in geological specimens. Geosphere, 1, 32-41.

Blob3D is designed for efficient measurement of up to thousands of discrete features (e.g. clasts, mineral grains, porphyroblasts, voids) within a single sample. Blob3D is unique because it gives the program operator primary control over data interpretation and measurement, and all computations are carried out in 3D, rather than individually on a series of 2D slices.

A “blob” is a contiguous set of voxels (3D pixels) that meets some user-defined criteria. Three steps are involved in Blob3D data processing. In the first step, Segment, a set of criteria are defined by the user that defines which voxels belong to the material of interest. The second step, Separate, distinguishes contiguous sets of segmented voxels (i.e. blobs) and allows the operator to divide interconnected or touching objects into individual objects. The third step, Extract, performs measurements on separated objects, such as size, shape, orientation, and contact relationships. Another feature in the Extract module allows the user to input sample coordinates (e.g. strike and dip) and the program calculates geographic coordinates for mineral grains or other features of interest in a sample.

Blob3D is a powerful quantitative tool for CT data and has been applied to the study of a wide variety of problems. Geological examples include textural analysis of porphyroblasts in metamorphic rocks (Ketcham et al., 2005), measurement of vesicles in meteoritic basalts (Benedix et al., 2003; McCoy et al., 2002) and troilite particles in chondritic meteorites (Nettles and McSween, 2006), and grading and orientation analysis of gold grains in ores (Kyle and Ketcham, 2003; Mote et al., 2005). It can also be used for engineering applications, such as quantifying aggregate clasts in asphalt concretes (Ketcham and Shashidhar, 2001) and the pore structure of tissue scaffolds (Dunkers et al., 2005). It can also be used for segmenting and quantifying complex three-dimensional structures such as nasal passageways (Rowe et al., 2005).

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Example of BLOB3D processing for cluster of garnet porphyroblasts. Because garnet is the only porphyroblast, it can be segmented using a simple grayscale threshold (A, B). When inspected in two dimensions (B) and three dimensions (C) it is apparent that the cluster consists of four individual crystals. Separation was accomplished (D) using erosion-dilation operations. To estimate the extended volume and center of nucleation for lower-right crystal (E), a sphere primitive was fit to outer surface (F) by excluding from consideration points in contact with other garnet (from Ketcham, 2005a).
Example of typical processing operations in Separate module. Part A shows a sample of computed tomography (CT) data of a cluster of spheres; field of view is 70 mm. A three-dimensional volume searching algorighm finds all voxels in contact, up to limits imposed by computer memory (B); faces truncated by the algorithm are marked in red. “Stair steps” on upper and lower portions of spheres are caused by 3:1 voxel aspect ratio (inter-slice vs. inter-pixel spacing). An erosion/dilation operator successfully separates most of the spheres (C). Those contacting truncated faces have their processing postponed (D), allowing interior spheres to be processed (from Ketcham, 2005a).

Papers Utilizing Blob3D

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