McCoy, T.J., Carlson, W.D., Nittler, L.R., Stroud, R.M., Bogard, D.D., and Garrison, D.H. (in review) Graves Nunatks 95209:  A snapshot of metal segregation and core formation. Submitted to Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.

Three-dimensional reconstruction of 554 gram mass of GRA 95209 from CT data, showing metallic cap in orange and silicate in semi-transparent dark blue. Triangular cut face is in foreground. Animation rotates sample about vertical axis. Sample maximum width is approximately 70 mm.

Flip book through CT slice images for GRA 92509. The linear boundary on the lower left is the intersection of the sawn surface with the image plane. Image width and height is 72 mm, and spacing between slices is 0.25 mm.