Bio and Paleo Short Course 2020

The University of Texas High-Resolution X-ray CT Facility (UTCT) will host an online short course on the fundamentals of acquisition, visualization, and analysis of high-resolution X-ray CT (HRXCT) data for biological and paleontological samples August 10-14, 2020 (~a half day, each day).  

This short course will present an overview of the acquisition and interpretation of HRXCT data, followed by tutorials on the 3D visualization and analysis of these data with a focus on 3D visualization, surface extraction, and segmentation (e.g., endocasts, digital dissection) including deep learning. The experience will then be customized via online interactive sessions focusing on demos and Q&A for specific project questions. Covered programs include ImageJ, Avizo, and Dragonfly.    

This course is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and funds are available for scanning of samples at UTCT. Because space is limited, we will not be able to accommodate all applicants – preference will be given to those who have a demonstrated need for immediate application of the skills learned, with students receiving first priority.  

To apply for this online short course, please email an application statement (limit of ~300 words) to Dr. Jessie Maisano ( no later than Friday, July 10 that briefly outlines:

1) Relevant biographical information (including your academic affiliations and your status as student or faculty/staff);
2) The type of sample(s) that you wish to analyze, whether you have data in-hand or would like to have samples scanned at UTCT, and your research objectives; and
3) The computer resources you will have available to you to participate (e.g., platform, RAM, graphics card, etc.). Please see minimum requirements for Avizo and Dragonfly.